The Museum of the City has been and remains guided and supported by a group of international urbanists representing business, architecture and urban design, planning, and museums. _____________________________________________________________________

Elisabeth Lyon, Community Leader; Planner

Peter Nickerson, President, Growth-Link Trading; President, Portland State University Board of Trustees

Chet Orloff, Founder and President; Historian & Planner

Donald Stastny, FAIA, FAICP, Architect, Urban Designer, Planner

Paddy Tillett, FAIA, FAICP, Partner, ZGF Architects, Architect, Urban Designer, Planner

Karen Whitman, Community Activist/Organizer; Planner

*Jane Jacobs, Founding Board Member; Writer (deceased)

* Nohad Toulan, FAICP  Founding Board Member; Founding Dean, College of Urban & Public Affairs, Portland State University; Planner (deceased)

* Although deceased, Jane Jacobs and Nohad Toulan continue to guide the day-to-day work of Museum of the City through their writings and organizational planning.