CITY neon signThe web-based Museum of the City publishes exhibits about the past, present and future of cities, humankind’s greatest artifact. Museum visitors — thousands per month from over 40 nations — experience ideas, images, and interpretations that illuminate the design, health, and sustainability of cities worldwide.  Using the Museum’s electronic exhibit-building tools, citizens, students, and professional curators create their own exhibits on hundreds of topics displayed in twenty galleries. The Museum of the City also serves as a teaching/learning platform at Portland State University (Oregon USA), where students use the Museum to study and engage in the activities of museum administration and interpretive programming. Students at PSU and other universities engage with citizens — fellow students and faculty, senior citizens and younger students, architects and planners — within their own cities to explain and mentor the creation of digital exhibits, publishable in the Museum of the City for exploring, explaining, and enlightening diverse issues of community history, design, health, and sustainability. A member of UNESCO’s International Council of Museums’ Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities, the Museum of the City invites contributors to create exhibits about cities — their own and or any of the thousands of cities elsewhere. We invite you to be a citizen curator, not only taking care of your own city, but offering your own knowledge and urban insights to fellow city dwellers around the globe.