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Create an Exhibit in the Museum of the City

Every city tells a story. We at the Museum of the City believe citizens achieve a deeper understanding of cities—of their culture and peoples, their art and industries—as well as learn how to better plan their future, by sharing knowledge and stories about them. The website you have entered is a virtual museum of cities with exhibits about the myriad events, personalities, and qualities that cities offer the interested and involved citizen.

The Museum’s exhibits are created by fellow citizens worldwide. We invite you to create your own exhibit.

What makes a city? What are the ancient, historical, contemporary, or future elements that help define a city? We invite you to tell a story, to make an exhibit here on the Museum’s website, to share with citizens locally and worldwide information about your own or another city. Simply register for an account, read the tutorial on how to begin, and write us with any questions as you create your own exhibit..